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Lead Instructor

Sweaty, Sexy, Strong & Beautiful

My class is a welcome space for alll!  My Extensive background in dance will have you mastering all of the fun choreo in no time.  Be prepared to sweat, laugh, and push your limits in my energetic room. You won't catch me in the mornings but, it's all about good vibes after sunshine.

Favorite Artists

SoundCloud Remixes, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna 

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Sweaty, Smiley and Ready to Shake it in Class with You

While my resume shows a normal corporate 9-5 girlie, my real passion is getting to guide you through a fun and challenging class.  I have been with Rush since day 1 and love inspiring our riders with big moments.  More importantly, I love being inspired by you on a regular basis - GLOWING, GROWING and getting STRONGER together. My music style is a mix of EDM, Hip Hop, Classics, and lots of remixes. Outside of Rush I love spending time around St Pete enjoying everything the city has to offer.  Join me in class and I can't wait to meet you! 

Favorite Artists

Odesza, Rihanna, Griz 

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Yes you Can, Yes you WILL!

I use my love of music combined with movement, and motivation to ceate empowering, exciting, and challenging class.  As a long time fitness enthusiast and instructor, I am dedicated to sharing the confidence and connection that group fitness has brought into my life with others. I love seeing Rush clients bond and grow together as a community. In my classes you can expect a variety of music, powerful motivational themes, and a whole lot of sweat. 

Favorite Artists

Galantis, Miley Cyrus, Blink 182, Steve Angello, Young Bombs 

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Choreo Queen!

This Philadelphia basshead is ready to rage.  Over a decade of attending music festivals has shaped me into the party girl you see on the podium.  I am here to give you a  high -energy festival experience where movement, music & community together make real magic. My classes are ideal for advanced riders and those looking to challenge themselves. 

Favorite Artists

Pitbull, The Weekend, Dr. Fresch

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Billingual Blonde Cowgirl!

What’s up Rush fam??  it’s your girl Madison from H-town holdin it down on the podium! If you’re looking for a class full of hip hop, reggaetón, and all the fun - look no further! My classes will be sure to leave you sweaty, empowered, and ready to take on the world! My classes are all about celebrating moving your body, dancing it out, feeling inspired to try new things, and pushing yourself! 

Favorite Artists

Bad Bunny, Drake & Big Wild

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Positivity, Self Love & Finding Your Super Power!

If you’re looking for an energy pusher and positivity queen, I'm your girl! I Love early morning workouts, paired with a strong coffee.  I push myself and  everyone around me to dig deep, trust your power, and find the good in every situation. During the day,  I work as a Merchandise planner for Fanatics and enjoy talking about sports (almost as much as I  enjoy talking about fitness). 

Favorite Artists

Billie Eilish, Glass Animals, Childish Gambino, Kesh, The Police

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All Gas, No Brakes!

Obsessed with all things bad, bougie and BANGIN. This Pinellas county native loves to rock with the 80’s and roll with the ravers. Come sweat with the Red Express. 

Favorite Artists

Aless, RL Grime, Styx


Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, & Talent

I was born and raised at the Jersey Shore and moved to St Pete. Rush quickly became my new home and family. You can expect to have all the party vibes in my class and I always appreciate a good sing along.  Show up to class and show yourself some self love.

Favorite Artists

Beyoncé, Ariana, Lizzo

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The Ultimate Hype Woman

Grace Here!!! Reppin the good old Midwest, this corn fed gal is ready to vibe, head bang and rave ALL 45 minutes with you. Beware… the corn fed girlies are built different with the stamina to get heavy and party all class. If you enjoy the energy of a Tasmanian devil after a few cups of coffee then my classes are for YOU. I am also a mental health therapist by day so be ready to feel ALL the feels. We RIDE, WE FEEL and WE HEAL. 

Favorite Artists

Clozee, GRiZ, Disclosure

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"Curly Cues" and Tappin it Back on the 2's!

Born and raised in St. Pete, I’ve been soaking up the sunshine since day 1! Ready to bring ALL the light, energy and vitamin D—( D for dancing ) into my classes!  Always moving and dancing to all the bops from every generation and genre, keeping ya smiling through your sweat! Even though we may get a little crazy with some interval work or high resistance climbs, my class is never a punishment, but rather a celebration of what your body can do! Come move, dance and get those endorphins flying with me 

Favorite Artists

Dua Lipa, Cash Cash, Shakira

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